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Juan-Carlos Lerman

 Digital Portfolio - Part 3(a)

A paper based version of this section of the portfolio is available upon request by e-mail to:

MMMI: MixedMultiMedia Image, digital-derivative image based on paintings and prints.
The original MMMIs are fixed on digital media and available, unless otherwise indicated, in a variety of formats and media ranging from prints on quality paper to high resolution digital files written to magnetic or optical media.

Symmetric but Separated (series of 2) (1998)
Copyright © 1998 Juan-Carlos Lerman

Passage through the Anti-Orange World (1998)
Copyright © 1998 Juan-Carlos Lerman

Podsect2 (1998)                             Podsect3 (1998)
Copyright © 1998 Juan-Carlos Lerman                           Copyright © 1998 Juan-Carlos Lerman

Flaming Agaves (series of 3) (1998)
Copyright © 1998 Juan-Carlos Lerman

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