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Juan-Carlos Lerman

Digital Portfolio - Part 2

A paper based version of this section is available upon request by e-mail to:

The originals of the artwork shown here have been printed on archival paper and are available, unless otherwise indicated. Reproductions are also available in a variety of formats and media ranging from ink and dye prints on quality paper to high resolution digital files written to magnetic or optical media.

Ghastly Visitors.  Transfer monotype, after Henri Fuseli (1998), 11"×10"
Copyright © 1998 Juan-Carlos Lerman

Monsters of the Day and the Night. Intaglio print (1999), 10"×8"
Copyright © 1998 Juan-Carlos Lerman

Strange Planets. Watercolor miniprints (1998), 3 ×
Copyright © 1998 Juan-Carlos Lerman

Podsect, watercolor monoprint (1994), 9"×7"
Copyright © 1994 Juan-Carlos Lerman

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