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James C. Larsen
Wtclr. Inst.(T.M.A.School), B.F.A.(Univ. of Arizona), N.W.S., L.W.S., A.W.A., T.M.A.W.G.

Digital Portfolio



Chicago Store, watercolor (1988), 22"×30"
Copyright © 1988 James C. Larsen

Overpass, Marana, watercolor (1990), 22"×30"
Copyright © 1990 James C. Larsen

Culvert with Phone Pole, watercolor (1991), 22"×30"
Copyright © 199x James C. Larsen

Ditch, Marana #27, watercolor (1992), 22"×30"
Copyright © 1992 James C. Larsen

Candle, Bottle, Muffin, watercolor (1988), 22"×30"
Copyright © 1988 James C. Larsen

Trestle #18, watercolor (1991), 22"×30"
Copyright © 1991 James C. Larsen

 Click below to see James C. Larsen's and other members paintings currently shown at two of the T.M.A.W.G. Galleries:
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The digital images and the portfolio compilation are Copyright © 1999/2000 T.M.A.W.G., Tucson, Arizona, USA.
Use of the images as stipulated in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS is encouraged.
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