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(from Juan-Carlos Lerman, 2/23/2000)

These are some of my crude experiments on Watercolor Entertainment not intended for public viewing but to learn some techniques which are new for me. However, as our Guru Chris has been commenting about the two 'shows', here they are for viewing only by the T.M.A.W.G. membership.


Crazy digital variations of my 2nd bad painting of a balcony at the Palomino Plaza, referred as'Balcony in Hell' by Chris Larsen during his critique and comments.

The first two pictures derive from an image that was cropped by the window of my scanner, which is of smaller size than the painting. The last four derive from two partial images badly merged together as shown by the horizontal irregular zone passing through the lower part of the balcony.


Coincidentally, Tripod announced that now we can use a new utility ('streaming video and audio') in our pages. To test it I did a rought sequence for a slide-show using the balcony images, some text, and the sound that was on different radio channels. The 'morphing' simulated by the 'fade in' and 'fade out' of the sequence of images is not smooth enough because the size of the balcony and the number of 'pixels' is not the same in each one of the images.

You'll need to have the browser plug-in called:  RealPlayer7 Basic.  If it's not in your computer already or if your browser doesn't find a source for it, click to get a free download. If there is no sound during the slide-show you should switch on your audio to files of the WAV type.

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