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Laptop on a Leash?: Yes, before going to Sky Harbor or to Heathrow or to Orly or to ...

Adapted from a field report received by Henry Brugsch: hbj@bix.com, http://www.airtime.co.uk/forte/brugsch.htm)

The Advice:
The vanishing laptop is a widely experienced problemat airports everywhere: when traveling with a laptop computer, try to avoidlines to pass through metal detectors. If you can't, delay putting yourluggage and laptop on the conveyor belt until you are sure that you will bethe next person through the metal detector. Keep your eyes on the conveyorbelt and watch for your luggage and laptop to come through, as well aswatch for what those in front of you are picking up.
Two persons look for a victim carrying a laptop and approachinga metal detector. They position themselves in front of the unsuspectingpassenger and stall until the mark puts the laptop computer on theconveyor belt. Then the first subject moves through the me
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