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November 21st, 2000


from your NEW candidate

Here I'm already working for you before even introducing myself and announcing publicly my intentions to run for office. For which government, City or County, am I running for?
I'll be running either for the City of Tucson or for Pima County. I'll be running only on the issues I have first hand experience. Here is one example, of immediate relevance to our public health today November 21st, 2000.
Yesterday the news bulletins started describing the fact that emergency rooms throughout the area are receiving a large influx of patients. Many hospitals have already no available beds for those who require hospitalization. The flu season is with us and there is not enough flu vaccine available.
So far so good. There is nothing that our public health officials can do about it. They don't manufacture flu shots. Very wisely, they are recommending that we wash our hands thoroughly to avoid being infected. This is one of the most logic and effective measures we can take. All citizens are expected to, responsibly, abide by it. In fact it is in the interest of everybody who does't want to get the flu and propagate it.
What's the situation in public places?
Are appropriate washing facilities available?
Are public places where the concentration of people is large and the conditions to propagate diseases like the flu are high, provided with appropriate facilities?
I'm sure most citizens care for the status of our public health and would abide by the recommendation of our public health officials to wash their hands if they were given the appropriate facilities.
Are soap and water available in restrooms accessible to the public?
The County inspects the restrooms accessible to the public in restaurants. What about other public restrooms?
A few days ago I used the men's public restroom located at the Downtown-Ronstadt Center, the downtown station of the City of Tucson bus system operated by Sun-Tran. I was surprised by the lack of soap. The ladies' restroom door was wide open because a janitor was cleaning it. I entered it while scanning the wall for the soap dispenser. I couldn't find it. The janitor then told me that there was no soap in any of those public restrooms. A gentleman that overheard my questions volunteered the comment that NEVER there is soap there.
I had to walk a few blocks to the nearby Walgreens to buy some sanitizing hand towels. I later saw, at the Tucson Pima Public Library (TPPL), the gentleman mentioned above. I wondered whether not providing soap is Sun-Tran's contribution to the economy by helping generate business for Walgreens and as well contribute to the education of its users by, involuntarily, steering them to the TPPL. Or perhaps is it some kind of profiling?
 I personally don't care at this time of being profiled myself. But I don't want to get the flu or other communicable diseases because Sun-Tran's restroom lacks the facilities to assure that users of the system be able to wash their hands, our hands.
I don't know about you, I will not be running on basis of the results of polls and I won't be smiling and shaking hands to get votes. I'll tell you what are the issues that I find we all should fight for. I'll consider the public health first, the profiling later. As of immediately, I will NOT RIDE the bus (unless I have an emergency), until I know that all users of the system are able to wash their hands.
In my opinion, such ability has to be verified by the same individual that has released to the media the washing hands advisory. Why? Because during my wading through phone menus and switchboards, I realized that not a single individual I spoke to in the three governments knew in which area of town the Downtown-Ronstadt Center is located.
 During the two-hour search for the regulatory agency with jurisdiction in the case, I was repeatedly bounced through the same loop until my complaint was accepted to be entered in a computer at the Consumer Health department of the Pima County Health Department. If you find that the problem has not yet been solved and wish to add your own complaint, call 740-8261.
Thanks for your attention. Please don't send flattering email approving any of the above or censoring my opinions. As a sui generis candidate, you must realize that I'm not going to hold any public meetings to shake hands and smile and beg your vote. There will be no traditional political campaign, either. Not even a staff to chart strategies in order to maximize the number of votes. This is intended as an operation with zero expenses. I'm not even going to fight for you. I'm going to discuss the issues I find are hot and can be solved and will describe my solution. If you think it's a reasonable solution and that it's worth fighting for it, you'll have to do your own fighting. By phone, fax, email, or in person.
Just now a phone number is waiting for you in a preceding paragraph, but use it only if YOU make the decision to call.

By the way, my name is Juan-Carlos Lerman


[11/21/2000] This is Issue #001, by your sui generis un-candidate.
 (c) 2000 Juan-Carlos Lerman